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Sanity Saving Tips

4 Steps to Save Your Sanity in Q4

Q4 isn’t the time to stuff your stocking with astronomical commitments and huge goals. Many of us solopreneurs and mompreneurs wind up exhausted in January because of the sheer amount of marketing, socializing, cooking, shopping — you name it — that went into the end of the year. So how do you manage to save your sanity, keep your business up and running, AND fulfill … Read More

Inner Demon Cheering You On

3 Steps to Turn Your Inner Demon into Your Cheerleader

That giant muscle inside your head is not necessarily your ally. Your mind wants to keep you safe. This is an evolutionary lesson from the caveman days when you might get bonked on the head with a rock for your dried rabbit stash and you needed to be constantly on alert to stay safe. Those mechanisms inside our minds that helped us back then tend … Read More

Goal Setters

What Type of Goal Setter Are You?

No two people approach goal setting the same way. We break down the spectrum of goal setters. The Pessimist The Pessimist doesn’t even bother to set goals because why would they achieve them? Life is bound to throw too many curve balls their way to permit them to achieve their goal! If that sounds like you, this is the year for you to take control … Read More

Leaky Pipes

How to Spot Energy Leaks

Slow Down and Get Rest to Cultivate Self-Awareness “I think self-awareness is probably the most important thing towards being a champion.”’ Billie Jean King Keeping your business in top form requires you to keep moving steadily forward. That takes consistent energy. If you are unconsciously undermining your path forward by not addressing where you might be draining energy, you are doing your business a disservice. … Read More

Monitor with Map of Energy Draining Practices

5 Debilitating Practices That Drain Energy from Your Business

You could be losing momentum and draining energy from your business without realizing it. Reviewing where you might be spinning your wheels will help you to make changes that’ll keep your business rolling along smoothly. Here are 5 ways you could be draining essential energy from your business and the best ways to plug those leaks. 1. Marketing Your Business Without a Plan When you … Read More

Stars and a moon

3 Ways Stargazing is Good for Business

Spurs Creativity Do nothing? Yes, even busy business owners can! It’s not easy, but space for new ideas needs to be made, otherwise, great ideas might never have the chance to bubble up and bust out. Give yourself the chance to be bored. Let yourself hear the clock ticking, the train in the distance, see color flashing in the stars, feel the breeze on your … Read More

Laptop with magnifier and bar graph

Where to Find Networking Events

So you’ve set a goal to attend a networking event! Yay! Now let’s find one for you. The easiest thing you can do is to search “places to network in __________” or “business events in _______”. You’ll find some awesome options on Business Journals and Network After Work. Event Listing Websites While these websites don’t only list networking events, you can find something up your alley on Eventbrite, Eventful, MeetUp, or … Read More

Megaphone with colorful energy

What Makes A Fabulous Referral Partner?

A referral partner is a business associate in a complementary field, who recommends your company and its services. The best referral relationships are reciprocal; in other words, you would also recommend their company and services to your clients and prospects. For example, the wonderful graphic artist needs an excellent printer to expertly reproduce their designs. And a printer needs a reliable graphic artist who produces … Read More

Monitor with lock shield and magnifier

GDPR: Does it apply to you?

DISCLAIMER: Artsy Geek is not a law firm. This is neither a magnum opus on EU data privacy nor legal advice for your company to use in complying with EU data privacy laws like the GDPR. We absolutely recommend that you follow the links at the end of this post and consult your own legal counsel to ensure you’re complying with the GDPR. Short Answer: … Read More

Partly cloudy sky with smiling sun and birds

An Easy System to Remember How Awesome You Are

Being an entrepreneur means developing many skills and wearing different hats. Amidst the juggling, all kinds of challenges can leap out of nowhere, like some horrible video game. A negative experience with a client, a big contract cancels, cash flow dries up. POW! BLAM! You’re down for the count. No one tells you that you’re going to have be your own cheerleader, stage parent, and … Read More

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