The Busy Business Owner’s Website Info Cheat Sheet

The responsibility for ensuring your website and email are functioning is yours. So when it comes to tracking that essential info you need to CYA (Cover Your Ass). It’s just like how you need to know your insurance number when you go to the doctor. That important.

Our free cheat sheet keeps track of all the essential info you need to know to easily manage your website.

Simply download, enter your info and save it somewhere safe. You’ll thank us next time that you hire a web developer or right-hand-helper monkey and you have all the important info at your fingertips.

Download it now!

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While no one wants to think (or worry) about their website’s DNS blah blah blah, it’s actually really important.

“Wait! But isn’t it enough that I have a techy friend who helps me with this stuff?”
We wish!

Within one year, you’ll be thanking yourself (and us)
for doing this for your business!