A Four-Week Blitz to Greatness

Create your annual marketing plan in community with like-minded entrepreneurs!

Kicks off February 4th, 2020


Join fellow entrepreneurs and your guide, Jennifer “Jen” Heller and map out your year! Together we will work through our best-selling “Keep it Simple, Schweetheart!” Marketing Plan Workbook. Weekly live masterclasses & office hours will answer questions & reprogram your brain.

Here’s a secret:

It’s not enough to be motivated and driven in your business.

You also need to be strategic, thoughtful and plan ahead. When we define our goals and marketing plans in writing, we give our brain, creativity, and spirit a plan, allowing us to relax and enjoy the ride.


We will take a holistic approach to create your marketing plan.


Create a plan that supports your exercise and nutrition needs. Not one that leaves you so busy you hit up that fast food restaurant on the corner five days a week.


What beliefs are holding you back? We will use NLP to reprogram your brain to support your marketing efforts.


What activities fill you up?
Those will be scheduled out. An unfulfilled spirit cannot market with energy and enthusiasm, after all!




The Jam Plan

Over the month of February, we will create your marketing plan. Live weekly masterclasses and office hours will answer questions & reprogram your brain. We will leverage your skills and your unique brain and create a plan tailored to you!

Week of February 4th

Get clear on:
Reasonable and inspiring goals for the next year.
Who your ideal client is and where are they hanging out?
What strategies will work to reach them?

Week of February 11th

Break down your strategies into achievable step-by-step plans.
Work from our BONUS templates for common marketing strategies.
Decide — ahead of time — what is done in house and what to outsource.

Week of February 18th

Ground your plans in the reality of day-to-day life by calendaring to-dos and deadlines.
Plan the life you love & make sure you accommodate body, mind & spirit with our Live Your Ideal Day Now BONUS workbook.

Week of February 25th

Is your plan achievable?? Follow our step-by-step process to make sure it is.
Pop the bubbly at our celebration where we program your brain for success!



“I’ve bought so many online courses and books. Still, I always felt drawn in a million different directions. This marketing plan got me organized, inspired and strategic. Now I feel focused. Like I’m spending my energy where I should be.”

Erin Levine, Levine Family Law Group & Hello Divorce

Enrollment encloses midnight PST February 3, 2020

The Jam includes Over $3,000 of Value

  • Weekly masterclasses with unlimited replay ($997 value)
  • Weekly office hours with strategy and NLP processes to break down barriers and program success ($1497 value)
  • BONUS Sample strategy templates for common marketing strategies ($497 value)
  • BONUS Map out the life you’ll love with our Live Your Ideal Day Now Workbook ($97 value)
  • BONUS Create affirmations to support you with our Awesome Affirmations Workbook ($11.11 value)
  • BONUS Invite levity to your relationship with money with our Play with Your Money Workbook BONUS ($8.88 value)
  • BONUS The peace of mind planning ahead brings (Priceless)


Let’s Do This!

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Jen Heller

Meet Jen!

Your Seasoned Trail Guide.

Jennifer “Jen” Heller, creator of Artsy Geek, has been working with solopreneurs and non-profits for 20 years. She’s a Certified NLP Master Practitioner and lifetime student of brain science. Jen combines marketing and branding expertise with real, actionable reprogramming of your brain to achieve unprecedented results in your life and your business.


What’s NLP?

NLP is short for Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

That’s Neuro as in neurons in the brain, Linguistic as in language and Programming as in the process of how neural language changes the brain. NLP tools and techniques utilize the mechanics of the brain to help you perform better and get results.


The Marketing Plan Jam is designed to be interactive.

We’ll give you the feedback, expertise and encouragement to plan your work to promote your business for the next year.


“It really helped me get focused and prioritize.”

Jenny Kassan, jennykassan.com

The Marketing Plan Jam is broken into four masterclasses and four office hours sessions, spread out over a month to give you time to gather the data and do your homework. You’ll finish with a marketing plan that’ll be your guide to the future success of your enterprise.

We will guide you to create:

Clarity with where you’re going, your goals and your ideal clients.

A step-by-step plan to implement your strategies.

A ready-to-go calendar with your important dates and deadlines for the next year.

An ideal weekly schedule, conceptualized by you to fit your life needs with the BONUS Live Your Ideal Day Now Workbook.

A verifiably achievable and organized marketing plan for your business with our best-selling “Keep it Simple, Schweetheart!” Marketing Plan Workbook.

What a relief it will be to get it all down in writing!

You’ll have a baseline design of what makes your business tick, a strategy in place to build on, and a marketing plan to use as a template to build on year after year.


Plan your work and work your plan with the Marketing Plan Jam.

You don’t have to do it alone, we’ve got the expertise, enthusiasm, and tools to set you up with the clarity of purpose to reach your goals and beyond. Find your unique approach to reaching your customers!

Marketing it’s just talking to people, right?

You need to do that in your authentic voice. Let the Marketing Plan Jam help you design the path that’s right for you. When has this much support been so readily available? It’s time to offer yourself the kick-in-the-fanny you need and get your marketing plan locked down together with your friends at the Marketing Plan Jam.


“Jennifer oozes great business advice. I’ll show up feeling unfocused and I leave with a fresh perspective and strategy.”

Blake Boles, International Speaker & Author

Is this for you?

You embrace each moment you get the opportunity to speak directly to your favorite customers who can’t wait to find out what’s happening next with your brand?

You’ve got it locked down for the next year or so, of course.

You’re working your plan, that detailed plan you put together with a sense of ease and camaraderie like hanging out with your bestie, smartest, hilarious, real, no-nonsense friends?

We’ll make that happen with the Marketing Plan Jam!

If you hate marketing, let us help!

If it’s not like you to be totally energized by your marketing plan, a marketing plan you’ve put together months ahead, that’s systematically thought through, brainstormed and tailored to your ideal client, then how about doing it together with us in our upcoming Marketing Plan Jam?!

We’ve got our engines tuned up. We don’t care if you don’t have a plan or if you’ve never had a plan. All you need to do is sign up and join us for the ride! Let’s make it fun and get it done together.

One week at a time we’ll offer you a live masterclass along with special office hours with Jen to answer all your questions. Why not sign up for the Marketing Plan Jam and get it done?


Let’s jam on it!

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Hi, I’m Jen!

I can’t wait to guide you through creating an actionable and effective marketing plan for your business.

I come from a long line of female entrepreneurs and launched my first business at the age of twelve: a crochet pop-up (though we didn’t call them that back then).

I love color and believe that life — and business — should be fun. To that end, I’ve been obsessed with brain science since college: asking the question, “how we can train our brain to support us in being happy, successful, balanced, loving human beings?”

In this four-week blitz, we are going to combine actionable marketing advice with Neuro-Linguistic Programming tools and methods to break through your barriers and blocks.

Imagine feeling like a unicorn flying through the air when marketing your business. Or a river otter, sunning yourself on a rock. Or freaking Martha Stewart.

It’s possible. Let’s team up and make it happen!

Have a question? Wondering if the jam is right for you? Text me at 510-852-9873 or email me at jennifer@artsygeek.com.

We’ll talk it out, couch-style.

Rock on!