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Here we provide courses, challenges, and workbooks to build your brand and your business.

Create Your Marketing Plan Workbook

“Keep it Simple, Schweetheart” Marketing Plan Workbook

Create strategic, consistent action by planning ahead. Our marketing plan workbook walks you through the process of creating an effective and achievable marketing plan for your business.

Grand Brand Vision Workbook

Grand Brand Vision Workbook

If you don’t know where you’re going, you’ll never get there. Your Brand Vision is your ultimate dream. Our workbook walks you through defining your Brand Vision so that you can make it a reality!

“Let’s Do This” Down ‘n’ Dirty Goal Setting Workbook

Goal-setting is an essential part of any long-term plan. Our Workbook makes it easy and holds you accountable.

Essential Website Info Cheat Sheet

The Busy Business Owner’s Essential Website Info Cheat Sheet

The responsibility for ensuring your website and email are functioning is yours. So when it comes to your registrar, host, etc, you need to CYA (Cover Your Ass).

Coming Soon! Brand Romance Online Course

Brand Romance is coming your way! Are you ready?
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