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Social Media Checklist

Social Media Checklist
  • Follow this checklist regularly to stay active and engaging on social media.

    PRO TIP: Set aside an hour one to three times a week and -- no matter what comes up -- keep that appointment.

  • Share

    Short on ideas? Our Idea Generator will save the day!

  • Videos are the most engaging and memorable type of content that you can share to social media. You can create live video on the fly on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and even LinkedIn these days. You can either:
  • Second to video, images are the next most engaging content on social media. Share high-quality images or custom graphics that are helpful and branded with your fonts and color scheme.

    Choose your adventure:

  • Share thoughts, questions, a recent or evergreen blog post or relevant article from a complementary business.

    PRO TIP: Incorporate action words or ask a single, direct question.

    Choose one of the following:

  • Facebook and Instagram prioritize stories in their algorithm so adding stories on a regular basis is great for your social media presence. Use your stories to be more casual and to provide guidance, entertain, take your followers behind the scenes, or show your human side.

    PRO TIP: Post your stories from Instagram straight to Facebook.

  • Engage

    If you consider your social media strategy a pipeline (and you should), your engaged audience (your followers and the followers that like and comment on your content) are the most critical part of the pipeline. These folks make up the warm leads who are interested in hearing and seeing more content about your brand. Staying engaged with them solidifies your brand and sends the message that you care.

    PRO TIP: Light humor when appropriate is a huge plus. It encourages more users to read your replies and to post questions they may have or even share your posts. If it fits your brand, be the life of the party and unleash your wit!

  • Be sure to engage with your audience on every platform you're active on.

  • Expand

    Continually seek to gain followers that would be interested in your brand, product, or service. Expand your network of complementary business friends.

  • Gaining organic likes to your page is quite challenging on Facebook's platform, as Facebook pushes its ad service to help you build followers. Facebook ads are a really effective way to build followers whether your budget is large or small. Here are a few other organic ways to build followers using basic networking skills.

  • For the moment, gaining new followers on Instagram is pretty simple. In the meantime:

    Note: If you have very little followers, but you rapidly follow a lot of people, your account could get locked for suspicious activity.

  • Expanding your Twitter following is very similar to expanding your Instagram following.

    Note: If you have very little followers, but you rapidly follow a lot of people, your account could get locked for suspicious activity.

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