The Confident and Excited

Networking Checklist

Networking Checklist
  • Networking is a fabulous way to make new friends, get the word out about your business and build referral relationships. Meeting new people will help you finetune your messaging and may new stimulate ideas.

    Follow this checklist to be confident and excited when you head out to those networking events!

    Prime those neural pathways for socializing in case nothing comes to mind in the moment. Our list of over 25 conversation starters makes it easy.
    People connect with the authentic. Lessons or challenges that you've faced recently will make fabulous conversation fodder. If you don't have a recent story to share, what's something that you could use help with? Share that!
    If you have a non-intimidating goal, then it will be easier to head out the door. Possible Goals: Talk to two people or give out one business card.
    Appropriate attire depends on your profession and your venue. When in doubt, dress up rather than down.
    Taking notes on who you meet ensures you'll remember who they are, what you talked about, and any follow up you promised. Try to avoid taking the notes while you talk to them, though. Right after you leave is a great time!
    You rocked that.

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