The (SEO-Optimized)

Blog Post Checklist

Hand on Laptop Viewing Blog Post

If you have a blog, it’s important to keep it up to date.

Your website is a representation of your business. You wouldn’t want your business to appear neglected, would you? Unfortunately, if your latest post is from 2021 (or even 2022), that’s the message you’re sending.

Instead, why not use your blog to showcase how busy and awesome you are?

Blog Post Checklist

Creating and releasing regular content is fabulous for your brand and also builds the SEO of your website. (Google loves content). The checklist below is designed to make it easy and fun to update your blog. Simply follow the steps.

    The keyword phrase you wind up with is your Focus Keyword. Not sure how to go about this? Check out our how to.

    PRO TIP: Set a timer for ten minutes and press start. Until it dings, just write. Don’t worry about formatting or grammar. Don’t allow yourself to get distracted and don’t stop. You’ve got this.

    At the end of the first ten minutes, set the timer for another ten minutes and rewrite. At the end of the twenty minutes, you’ll have an awesome post.

    If your blog has an SEO plugin (and it should) fill out the meta title and meta description with descriptive content about the blog content. Feeling lost? Check out our SEO definitions.

    BONUS SEO STEP: Incorporate the Focus Keyword toward the beginning of the title and the description.

    Unfortunately, the majority of people don't read the articles...they skim them. Break up the content into manageable chunks and guide the reader's eye.

    Check out our favorite places for free stock photos.

    PRO TIP: Have another set of eyes (your significant other, maybe?) read through it for you to catch anything you might have overlooked.

Pencil and Paper


When you have an idea – wherever you are – jot it down in Evernote or your Notes app. The next time you have a free fifteen minutes afterwards, flesh it out. On your phone. Wherever you are. Don’t worry about typos or complete sentences; you’ll get to that later.

Tada! You’re done with the hard part (coming up with the idea and outlining it). From there, it’s easy to just follow this checklist and create a fabulous post.

String Tied Around Finger


A good blog post does not have to be very long. 300 words is a good rule of thumb, but 200 words works too if that’s all you have.

Good enough is good enough. Sure, you could always make it better. But getting it out there in a timely manner is more important. You have other things to do.

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