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Mindset Magic

Train your brain to love the business (and life).

Embracing the life and challenges you have is an essential step to transforming your business and life into the one of your dreams. Our greeting cards, mantra posters, and manifestation meditations guide you through the process.

My Successes Worksheet

Let’s Celebrate! My Successes Worksheet

It’s time to celebrate! This new workbook was designed as a pick me up on those really tough days. Remember all the good times and power through. You can do it!

Play With Your Money Workbook

Play with Your Money Workbook

How are you and money getting along these days? Are you happy and playing well together? Our workbook will help you to cultivate joy in handling the green stuff!

The Amazing Affirmation Worksheet

The Amazing Affirmations Worksheet

Write affirmations that turn your subconscious into your greatest ally, working behind the scenes to support you in creating the reality of which you dream.

Fun and Creative Greeting Cards

Fun and Creative Greeting Cards

Sending greeting cards helps cement relationships with clients and colleagues and is a fabulous practice in expressing gratitude. High quality, humorous and unique cards get shared, saved and remembered.

Fuck It Ship It

Adopt a New Mantra

A fresh outlook can give you that zap of new energy you’ve been looking for. Keep yours top of mind with our gorgeous posters and wallpapers. It’s up-against-the-wall inspiration for you and your team.

Coloring Pages

Manifestation Meditations

The brain is a crazy, complicated place that is totally capable of changing itself. These workbooks train your brain to form new, more supportive pathways. Help your brain help you better!

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