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Local is the Way to Go

You hear it all the time… 

Buy Locally

Buy Local Support Your Local Economy Think Globally, Act Locally!

The bumper sticker industry has surely made millions off of this concept for decades. Well guess what – it’s true. And it doesn’t just apply to your farmer’s market loot and your neighborhood silk screened shirts. It applies to supporting your local community on every level – including your local business marketing needs!

While there are tons of options to have your business’ design and marketing done through big online companies – like having a logo created on 99 Designs, or using Wix for an easy website – there are even more local designers and marketers who are stellar in their fields. Did you know that in Oakland alone there are over 175 graphic design firms? And over 260 in Seattle? Think about all that talent, and how working together with a local company would benefit both your business as well as the local economy! Hiring someone locally also means they know YOUR city… and the marketing trends in and around it.

When you support a local business, more of the money you spent remains in the local economy. Studies have found that of $100 spent locally, $68 will be reinvested in the same community, as opposed to only $43 for chain stores, and $0 from an online purchase*. Other studies have found that local purchases recirculate twice as much as chain purchases. Buying locally also contributes more to city and state revenues to support services and contributes to employment in the community.

Facts About Buying Locally

Learn more about shopping local in Oakland:

And in Seattle:

Live somewhere else? Here are some National Buy Local Resources to Help You Find Programs in Your Community:

*Cited in US News & World Report, Oct. 28, 2011

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Lindsay loves animals, hot weather, acrylic nails and eggplant. She is married, and lives with her husband, pug and cat in less-than-sunny Seattle. Her mission is not to change the world, but to make sure it looks hella awesome.

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