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Sarah Fields

Gratitude Blog

The Magic of Customer Relations & Gratitude

Greetings, fellow business owners and entrepreneurs! Today we’re diving into something important, but sometimes overlooked: gratitude and customer relations.  Valuing your customers and showing them some love can make a huge difference for your business and your community. Here’s why:  1. Customer Loyalty Focusing on great customer relations to establish loyal return customers can create a strong foundation for your business. In comparison to new … Read More

Holiday Marketing

Holiday Marketing DOs and DON’Ts

Are you and your business already stressed about the 2023 holiday season? We totally understand! We’ve been there ourselves! So, we’ve written up our quick guide to some holiday dos and don’ts. With these tips, you can maximize the quality of your work this winter, while minimizing your stress! Following these tips will also set you up to start the new year with a strong … Read More

Update Wordpress

5 Reasons to Keep WordPress Up-To-Date

You log into WordPress, eager to write a blog post about that new restaurant you visited last week. Excited to tell everyone about the delicious spring rolls you ordered, you’re unexpectedly hit with an alert on your dashboard: WordPress released a new version! Maybe you think, “I’ll update it later,” but the red circle around the alert makes it seem important. You don’t have to … Read More

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