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Strategic Sharing

The most effective marketing doesn’t need to be daily or weekly — it needs to be strategic. Here are three questions to ask yourself before posting, scheduling, or sharing: 1. Does this help establish my business as ___________________? Fill in the blank. How do you want to be perceived? Take us for example. We want to be seen as fun, approachable and knowledgeable. A good … Read More

Local is the Way to Go

Buy Locally! (Yes, even your website)

While there are tons of options to have your business’ design and marketing done through big online companies – like having a logo created on 99 Designs, or using Wix for an easy website – there are even more local designers and marketers who are stellar in their fields.

Honey Packaging Design

Addicted to Package Design

This month one of our clients, Honey Salon in Bellingham, WA, was a part of a gala put on by a Medical Center Foundation and benefiting local philanthropic leaders. The invitations were designed and printed by the foundation. Honey was to include something for the affair’s ‘goodie bag’. They needed a clever packaging idea for little 3ml bottles of hair oil. We designed a presentation … Read More

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