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Secure Passwords: The Key to Your Success

One of our main gigs is creating amazing websites that are sleek and easy to use, even for people who would prefer to do zero maintenance. Some clients are surprised to learn that hiring Artsy Geek to create their website doesn’t mean we control it forever. We’re just guests! You grant us access to your website (even if we built it) and we can help … Read More

Brand Romance

Brand Romance: Tell the Right Story to Attract the Right Client

When you find a brand that piques your interest, do you notice the things you like about it? Do you think about what went into the product’s design or presentation of the service that makes you feel attracted to it? Someone put a lot of thought into getting your positive reaction. Understanding end users can have a huge influence on a brand’s success, as it … Read More


4 Reasons to Keep PHP Up-To-Date on WordPress

You down with updating PHP? Yeah, you know me. Now that we have the geriatric millennials’ attention, let’s get down to business. PHP isn’t just another internet acronym taxing your limited brain space. (IYKYK, amirite?) It’s also a huge part of what makes the internet work! Did you know that 78.8% of all websites use PHP in one way or another? Keep on reading to … Read More

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