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Where to Find Networking Events

So you’ve set a goal to attend a networking event! Yay! Now let’s find one for you. The easiest thing you can do is to search “places to network in __________” or “business events in _______”. You’ll find some awesome options on Business Journals and Network After Work. Event Listing Websites While these websites don’t only list networking events, you can find something up your alley on Eventbrite, Eventful, MeetUp, or … Read More

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What Makes A Fabulous Referral Partner?

A referral partner is a business associate in a complementary field, who recommends your company and its services. The best referral relationships are reciprocal; in other words, you would also recommend their company and services to your clients and prospects. For example, the wonderful graphic artist needs an excellent printer to expertly reproduce their designs. And a printer needs a reliable graphic artist who produces … Read More

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Photo Credit 101

Incorrect or, gasp, no attribution can lead to nasty emails from photographers or — even worse — hefty fines from the copyright owner. Follow these guidelines to be sure you’re crediting your photos and images correctly. What’s the best way to attribute an image you want to use on your blog, social media post or website? Truth be told, it’s to not have to. Think about … Read More

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An Easy System to Remember How Awesome You Are

Being an entrepreneur means developing many skills and wearing different hats. Amidst the juggling, all kinds of challenges can leap out of nowhere, like some horrible video game. A negative experience with a client, a big contract cancels, cash flow dries up. POW! BLAM! You’re down for the count. No one tells you that you’re going to have be your own cheerleader, stage parent, and … Read More

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Conversation Starters at Networking Events

Networking events where everyone is simply trying to pitch their business are no fun for anyone. So think of the event as a party at a friend’s house where you’re likely to meet some cool new people. Let go of any particular result other than you’re your own hero for getting out there despite what you really wanted to do (run, hide, cry, eat pizza). … Read More

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Why LastPass is Your New Best Friend

(Alternate title: Please get a password manager, Bro.) Everyone has had a password nightmare. Either a real life, full-blown panic trying to remember one or an actual nightmare where you’re trying to enter a password (whilst being nude at school). Using a password manager frees up your memory for things worth remembering AND it’s the safest way to save passwords. Using secure (not easily remembered) … Read More

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Are You Sounding Caveman-ish? Avoid Grammar Mistakes

We just began using Grammarly here at Artsy Geek, because we can’t always be perfect! We wholeheartedly recommend our clients use even the free version because we see grammar problems and misspillings (joke!) regularly. We’re not judging (too much), however, your clients probably are. Read on to see if you’re even sounding a little caveman-ish. Their vs. There vs. They’re “Their” is possessive, as in … Read More

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