Ask Artsy Geek: Is it possible to post too much on social media?

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Welcome to our first edition of Ask Artsy Geek, your source for the inside scoop on all things artsy, geeky, or social media-y!

Today’s question is about social media strategy: or, how to post all the right things in all the right places without inadvertently alienating your followers.

We’ve been working on our social media strategy—we are on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Vimeo, SoundCloud, Instagram, Pinterest… and probably some others that we’ve forgotten about. Our trouble isn’t with finding a voice—it’s determining which content should go on which channel, and when.

Example: My coworker and I just got back from The Special Event in Anaheim. We Instagramed (Instagram is a verb, right?) things that were inspiring—which was a lot. The feedback we got from our followers was that we “bombed” Instagram.

Thank you so much for the fabulous question.

How cool that your followers gave you feedback! That shows that they care.

Conventions are a fantastic place to engage with people, especially if there’s a common hashtag for the event. Twitter is probably the best platform for that, since it’s super hard to bomb Twitter. Tweet photos (use our handy Social Media Cheat Sheet for the right image sizing), then share them again later on Instagram/FB/G+.

It’s important to strategically “drip” your content out so that you a) avoid overwhelming people and b) make your content last.

Example: spread pictures out more over time using #TBT. Like, “#TBT to last week’s convention—we were so inspired by xxxx!”

When in doubt over social media etiquette, this list should help:

  • Facebook: Best for uploading an entire album of photos.
  • Twitter: Live-tweet events as they occur, then link to various single pics for #TBT.
  • Instagram: Post a visually stunning teaser photo or two and include a link to the main album. Drip photos later with #TBT.
  • Pinterest: Create a board for the event featuring your photos along with repins of other participants’ photos.

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Hope this helps!

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