An Easy System to Remember How Awesome You Are

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Being an entrepreneur means developing many skills and wearing different hats. Amidst the juggling, all kinds of challenges can leap out of nowhere, like some horrible video game. A negative experience with a client, a big contract cancels, cash flow dries up. POW! BLAM! You’re down for the count.

No one tells you that you’re going to have be your own cheerleader, stage parent, and Fairy Godperson. You’re gonna need pep talks.

Revisiting positive feedback can be just the ticket to improving your mood whenever you feel down or stuck. Follow our simple system to always have positive feedback to review.

Create a folder or label in your email. Title it something joyful such as “My Badassness”, or as Jen calls it “Good Work.”

Here is where you will keep all your wonderful compliments. The system is simple:

  1. File any positive feedback that comes in via email in the folder
  2. Screenshot any positive feedback that comes in elsewhere, email it to yourself, and then add it to the folder
  3. Email yourself the positive feedback that comes in over the phone or in person and add it in the folder

On a Yuck Stuck day, look at it. Absorb it! Even if you’re having a hard time absorbing it, ACT AS IF ALL THOSE THINGS WERE TRUE! Now go rock out with your Badass Business Self Out!

Another bonus?

Having this positive feedback compiled makes coming up with testimonials for promotions super easy.

About the Author:

Liz Grant has all kinds of weird stuff in her background, giving her the perfect credentials to be an Artsy Geek copywriter. She’s a Bay Area native, whose parents taught her to think outside the circle. She went to a Zen school, and was once named Child of the Moment. All of the puppet shows and real life characters fired Liz’s imagination. The result is a magical marketing wordsmith, a dating coach and a soon to be semi-famous stand-up comedian.

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