Adding A Snazzy Mac Mail Signature


To create a signature in Mail, select Preferences from the Mail menu.

In the Mail Preferences window, click the Signatures icon.


If you have more than one email account, select the account for which you want to create a signature.

Click the plus (+) icon near the bottom of the Signatures window.

Enter a description for the signature (Name, website url, phone number, etc.). Simply click on the ‘Signature’ name in the middle column, and change the name to something relevant. We used ‘Artsy Geek’ as an example.


If you would like to add an image to your signature, drag the image file to the Signatures window. The screenshot below shows how we have a Finder window open next to our Mail Preferences window, and we simply dragged and dropped the Pngs we wanted into the signature field. (You can use Jpegs too.) Take pity on the recipients of your email, and keep the image fairly small.


To add a link to an image (i.e. Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn icons) highlight the image by gently clicking on it, then click Edit at the top of your screen and select Add Link.


If you want to select a different font for your signature text, highlight the text, and then select Show Fonts from the Format menu.

When you reply to an email message, your response will usually include text quoted from that message. If you want your signature to be placed above any quoted text, place a check mark next to “Place signature above quoted text.” If you don’t select this option, your signature will be placed at the very bottom of the email, after your message and any quoted text, where the recipient may never see it.

When you’re satisfied with your signature, you can close the Signatures window, or repeat the process to create additional signatures.

If your signature is not immediately reflected in the message dropdown menu then quit the Mail program and restart it.

Now you have a snazzy mac mail signature!

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