How to Add a Post to WordPress


Adding a post is quite a bit simpler than adding a page. This is due to the fact that posts are (usually) automatically ordered in reverse chronological order, and are located within a single section of your website. But let’s just run through the tools, so we can be on the same page…err, post. Let’s get on the same post here.


The box at the top is where you enter your title. Your post title does not need to be succinct. You definitely don’t want it to be long, necessarily, but you are working within looser, more creative perimeters.

Wordpress Title

Let’s say you are a chef with a food blog incorporated into your professional website. Your posts are often reviews and recipes, and you like to have a lot of fun with them. You would not be remiss to title your blog posts:

  • Dr. Rangelove: How I learned to Stop Outdoor Grilling and Love My Stove
  • Assaulted Nuts: Salted Nuts Get Their Butts Whooped with Hot Sauce
  • Bitch, Peas: Recipes That Will Put That Sass Back In Peas. *snap, snap, snap

So as you can see, the titles of your blog posts can be shameless puns or plays off of pop culture. And it’s really not that tacky because a blog is generally supposed to be fun and unique. It’s where your online personality can shine — so do your thing!

Text Editor

Unlike a page, your post text doesn’t have to be as neat and tidy. Like if you wanted to share a three minute stream-of-conscious exercise that you were only allowed to type with your left hand after having spun around in circles for 10 minutes, that is totally fine. Super weird, but we trust that you know your audience. When it comes to your blog, there is always an excuse for super weird. Hey — your post may even go viral!

However, we do recommend that you try to use your blog as an opportunity to relate to your audience. Just a thought. No judgement from us! We like you just the way you are.

Featured Image

Some themes include a featured image in the page layout. This could be a banner across the top, or an image that floats to the left of the content. Upload a photo and choose “Set as Featured Image.” Then choose Preview and see whether or not it shows up

Categories and Tags


Categories and tags are how your posts are organized. They are so complicated that we wrote a whole post about how to use them. Make sure that you add your post to the appropriate categories and tag it with the right tabs before publishing. Many themes display the category and tags of each post, giving the reader a link to read more about a subject they are interested in.

Any questions? Let us know in the comments!

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