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Client Info & Service Policies

Customer Service

Customer service is really easy – just contact us if you need any help.

Payments & Late Fees

Artsy Geek accepts the following payment methods for all of our products: Visa, Mastercard, PayPal, check, and money order.

We send invoices that are due within two weeks of the date of the invoice. If we do not receive payment within those two weeks, the invoice will be subject to a 10% or $75 minimum late fee. An additional late fee of the same value will apply for each successive two-week period that the payment remains in arrears.

Project Timeline

Sometimes life gets in the way of the work we’re doing together. We understand. We estimate that most projects will be completed within three to four months at most. If your project stretches outside that timeline due to circumstances out of Artsy Geek’s control, we reserve the right to move you back in our queue of clients who are proactively supplying their project assets. Along the way, project management fees will apply.

Print PRE-imbursement

We are happy to provide print services using our trusty printers across the west coast. We have existing accounts with them and it’s often faster for us to place the orders for you.

Because we are a small agency, though, we do require prepayment for all printing prior to ordering your project. We will process your print job as soon as we receive payment in full for any print project invoice.

Ongoing Website Support

Ongoing website support services are billed in advance for 30 days at a time and are non-refundable. We require 30 days written notice to cancel any website support service.



What we offer is passionate customer service and the promise to make sure your website runs properly at the time it is launched on current major web browsers (current means the latest and greatest version of each). You can insulate yourself from issues caused by further software evolution by subscribing to our ongoing website support services. Otherwise, updates and testing are charged at an hourly rate and/or a minimum fee.

We cannot control the Internet — if we could, believe me, we would.  As such, we cannot guarantee that our themes and custom code will survive third-party upgrades to platforms like WordPress, Woocommerce, and any plug-ins used.


Some say print is dead, but we staunchly resist that sentiment. We are proud to offer pixel-perfect print design and are here to support you through the print process. We ask for your approval before we send any files to print.

If a print issue arises due to a production error on the printer’s part, we will handle any reprint communication needed to rectify the problem and try and get a reprint gratis.

If there is a print error due to the files that you had approved, however, we are not able to cover any reprinting costs. While we proof all content before we send it to print, we rely on your final go-ahead to ensure it’s up to snuff.


Artsy Geek reserves the right to terminate an unfinished project at any time for any reason at our discretion with a refund of the client’s retainer.

Cancellations and Refunds

We take retainers on our custom design services. In the event that you need to cancel your project and we have not yet begun work yet, refunds will be considered upon request.

If we HAVE begun work on your project, your deposit is nonrefundable.

Final payments are due immediately following the “go-live” date, or by other arrangements specified in the agreement.

Retainers are also non-refundable for clients who fail to respond to our good-faith efforts to communicate for a period of 30 days. If non-communication persists so long that the project remains unfinished a year after the agreement date, the agreement will be considered to have expired. Any payment made before this point will be nonrefundable, and we will perform no further work.

Right of Refusal

Artsy Geek reserves the right not to accept a project or a support client for any reason at any time.

Emergency Help

If your website is down, we recommend that you contact your host directly (i.e., GoDaddy, SiteDistrict, Dreamhost, Bluehost, etc. ).

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