Our Mission

Cohesive, effective and fun marketing. For brilliant people like YOU!

We’re the perfect fit. Here are our reasons why:


Brimming With Ideas


What’s your next
marketing move?

We have a great idea for you.
We promise!

One Size Does Not Fit All


We take a look at the big picture – what’s working in your marketing; what’s not. What will make the difference TODAY so tomorrow’s even better?

Keeping Up with the Jones"


We build on our years of marketing and design experience with the latest and greatest methods, tips, and tricks. Oh, and cutting-edge standards!

You Talk; We'll Listen


Our secret ingredient to happy clients? Good listening.

That’s how our clients
become friends.


Our Values

About Artsy Geek



Meet Jennifer “Jen” Heller, Lead of the Artsy Geek Team





Creative Director & Brand Strategist

Known to some as “Jen of Jenfest”, Jen comes from a long line of get-rich-quick-schemers. Her obsession with marketing and design started at a young age; she launched her first business at the age of twelve, a crochet pop-up. She is known for her uncanny intuition, out-of-the-box ideas, dedication to strategy and appreciation for details – which she brings to all of Artsy Geek’s work. Jennifer thrives on analytics and numbers. Tracking the effectiveness of your marketing efforts is the foundation of any campaign.

Worst Job Ever: Filing, refiling and filing again for an auto body shop in SF.

Pets: Archer the orange tabby & Melville the tuxedo.

Little Known Fact: Once Jen traveled the world (ok…the US) slinging Super Sponges at County Fairs. These super absorbent and super sanitary gems gave her indispensable insight into sales and the human mind. It might have been more valuable than college.



Artsy Geek was born at the intersection of innovative design
and cutting-edge technology.

  • Our artsyness lies in not only great design, but the art of collaboration.
  • Our geekiness lies in our solid skills under the hood and commitment to keeping up with the latest and greatest in the ever-changing digital landscape.
  • Our name embodies our commitment to bringing our experience and love for marketing to your brand and marketing needs.

Let’s Make Some Magic!