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Camp Artsy Geek brings the sun and fun of summer camp to building and marketing your venture.

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Jennifer “Jen” Heller leads the Artsy Geek Team


Creative Director & Brand Strategist

Known to some as “Jen of Jenfest”, Jen comes from a long line of female entrepreneurs. Her obsession with marketing and design started at a young age; she launched her first business at the age of twelve, a crochet pop-up. Jennifer thrives on analytics and numbers. Tracking the effectiveness of your marketing efforts is the foundation of any campaign.

She built her first website when the internet happened and has been working with solopreneurs and non-profits for 20 years (gasp!). She’s a Certified Neuro-Linguistic Programming Master Practitioner and lifetime student of brain science. She is known for her uncanny intuition, out-of-the-box ideas, dedication to strategy and appreciation for details – which she brings to all of Artsy Geek’s client work.

At Camp Artsy Geek, Jen combines marketing and branding expertise with real, actionable reprogramming of your brain to achieve unprecedented results in your life and your business.

Family Matters: Jen lives with her husband and toddler in sunny San Leandro, California.

Worst Job Ever: Filing, refiling and filing again for an auto body shop in SF.

Little Known Fact: Once Jen traveled the world (ok…the US) slinging Super Sponges at County Fairs. These super absorbent and super sanitary gems gave her indispensable insight into sales and the human mind.


The Artsy Geek Team

Leanne Dunn

Senior Graphic Designer

Leanne’s style is unique and versatile. She ensures that all of Artsy Geek’s clients have truly stellar and engaging logos and graphic design. Leanne is a trained fine artist who works with inspired mastery in a variety of mediums.

Secret Power: A true creative, Leanne creates engaging, fun videos too!

Debrena McEwen

Technical Project Manager

Debrena makes sure all Artsy Geek’s technical work is executed to the highest standard and on schedule. She spends a lot of time trying to break things and loves it.

Secret Power: Besides living and breathing all things tech, she is a master of social media marketing and lends her expertise to Artsy Geek’s content marketing services.

Takahiro Noguchi

Lead Web Developer

Tak came to web programming by way of an MFA in Fine Art — a circuitous but lucky route. He brings his innovative and creative spirit to all of Artsy Geek’s technical work, ensuring our sites load quickly and are coded to the highest (and current) standard.

Secret Power: Tak is always looking for opportunities to improve the Artsy Geek codebase and processes.



Melville von Cat

Director of Human Resources



Office Security



IT Support Specialist

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