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You log into WordPress, eager to write a blog post about that new restaurant you visited last week. Excited to tell everyone about the delicious spring rolls you ordered, you’re unexpectedly hit with an alert on your dashboard: WordPress released a new version!

Maybe you think, “I’ll update it later,” but the red circle around the alert makes it seem important. You don’t have to do everything your devices tell you to do, but here’s why you should update WordPress sooner than later:

1. Updating WordPress keeps your website secure

This is the most important reason! WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems for building websites, which also makes it a popular target for hackers. WordPress developers know this, so each new version provides additional layers of security. 

Because they are helpful and benevolent, WordPress includes release notes with each new version, detailing what has been changed. Most users read these notes to find out what’s been improved. Hackers read these notes to find out what needed to be improved, and figure out what to target in older versions, putting sites awaiting updates (like yours, if you ignore that annoying email) at higher risk for security concerns.

Give yourself and your site’s visitors some peace of mind by keeping WordPress up-to-date! 

2. You get access to the latest features

Stay on the cutting edge! Technology is continually evolving and improving, and WordPress is no different. One way it continuously advances is by releasing new features in each WordPress update. Some new features can drastically improve your site!

For example, WordPress 5 introduced Gutenberg Blocks. These blocks revolutionized page-building by making it easier than ever with their user friendly design and versatility. Do you love those handy-dandy blocks? There’s an update to thank for that!

3. Each WordPress update fixes bugs

Bugs! Who needs ‘em? This one’s short and sweet: WordPress fixes bugs with each update. No one —and this includes both you and your site visitors — likes dealing with site bugs, so do the right thing and keep WordPress up-to-date!

4. Updating optimizes your site’s performance and speed

Who doesn’t like a website that runs smoothly and quickly? Like PHP, each new version of WordPress enhances user experience by making the software more efficient. So, your site may run even faster after updating WordPress. Having a quicker site provides you with additional benefits:

Firstly, a fast-running website retains visitors. We have shorter attention spans than ever; many people are inclined to click away if your site is slow to load. Don’t let those babies bounce away.

Secondly, your website will get an SEO boost, as search engines reward faster WordPress sites with higher rankings in search results. No one is cool enough to turn down a higher search ranking! 

5. It’s easy to keep WordPress up-to-date

WordPress knows there are a lot of DIY websites in their universe, so they are always making an effort to give great instructions for the non-techies who might be reading them. It’s fairly easy if you do it on your own, but if you’re still daunted by the process and ready to move up in the WP world, Artsy Geek is here for you. Let us know what we can do to help; we make these updates for websites all the time, and we’d love to make them for yours.

Either way, put those WordPress updates on your to-do list if you’ve been putting them off, and stop living in the past! You’ll be glad you did.

About the Author:

Sarah is a lover of all things matcha and mac n' cheese. She received her BA in Anthropology with a minor in Digital Humanities from UCLA and has been working at Artsy Geek doing digital marketing since 2022.

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