Chic Boutique

ChicBoutique Logo Design

Chic Boutique is a consignment shop in Montana that came to Artsy Geek desperately needing a brand makeover. The client wanted to express her rock-n-roll roots in a feminine, flirty way.

The face was taken from her original design, and reinvented into this all-star logo. Taking cues from the client we created a chic, active color-scheme to accompany the logo.

We also designed her a custom WordPress website and accompanying Facebook branding for her daily marketing needs.

We Lent Our Expertise On...

  • Brand Identity
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Website Design
Launch Project

The Devil is in the Details

Chic Boutique logo

Chic Boutique home page

This clean, one-page website allows the user to navigate to various sections of the page, including the store gallery.

ChicBoutique Business Cards

The Chic Boutique shows off their new brand through a variety of media, from business cards to store handouts, and even exterior signage.

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